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About Us

About Wild Oils

Wildoils Pvt Limited is incorporated in 2016 with focus on manufacturing and supply of high quality specialty Fats derived from wild seeds like Kokum, Mango, Shea, Sal and many more. The motto of the company is not just business but create an organised eco system and partner with farmers, seed suppliers and customers. In our mission to be successful, company has formed the self-help groups of the farmers to provide them organised structure, safety and committed income to the seed growers and motivate them to grow along with the company. .

These fats are used in cosmetic, pharma & confectionary industries. Fractional distilled fats are also used in manufacturing of PVC stabilizers, PVC pipes and plastics, various metallic stearates, textiles, leather & paper auxiliaries, candle-making, etc.

Other uses of these fats are in cosmetics, textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, lubricants, specialty fatty amides & amines and also for animal feed products.

While company is building its state of the art manufacturing facility, the partnerships with small manufacturers have also been forged to cater the demands as well as help small manufacturers.

Wildoil’s state of the art manufacturing facility shall have capability to produce unrefined and refined butter from all types of wild seeds.Company is managed by passionate team of engineering, architecture & home science professionals

Meet Our Team

Mr.Deviprasad Sathe

An architect & interior designer by profession. Started the firm “Lines & Forms” along with his younger sister, who is also a commercial fine artist. Both have completed over 1000 projects till now. Which includes corporate offices, houses, banks, MNCs, Metro Stations.While moving around in forests with Mr. Aamod Damle, Deviprasad learned about wonderful medicinal properties of wild fruits & their seeds and decided to instill his creative mind in Wildoils.

Mrs. Asmita Kulkarni

A graduate in home science with specialization in nutrition and diet. A teacher by mindset with her basic inclination on health care fascinated her to the wild seeds and join the bandwagon of Wildoils.

Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

A teacher by profession, Graduate in Commerce, with Advanced Diploma in Japanese as a foreign language. Passionate about social contribution, started her teaching career by teaching blind students voluntarily. Having keen interests in being close to the nature, the idea of working to develop and promote natural products appealed her to be part of Wildoils team.

Our Value Proposition

Wildoils is committed to provide high quality products and services to our customers. In our mission to become a leader in specialty fats, the unyielding integrity and inclusive growth is highly important to us. Not only we care about health but are also sensitive to keep environment healthy by obtaining high standards to our processes with latest technology.