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Kokum Butter

Kokum Butter

Kokum tree which is scientifically known as Garcinia Indica is a fruit bearing tree found in Western Ghats of India and especially in Konkan area Of Maharashtra. Kokum fruit contains around 5-8 seeds. The seed contains fatty acids and antioxidants.

The seed is dried before extractionand oil extracted from seed is edible. The average yield of the seed is around 30-35%. The crude fat is then neutralized and bleached to produce the refined kokum butter. Kokum Butter is solid at room temperature but melts once it comes in contact with skin.

Unrefined kokum butter is yellowish in colour whereas refined kokum butter is white in colour and odorless.

Kokum butter is non greasy, smooth and gets absorbed into the skin once you apply. This makes it invaluable ingredient in cosmetics, confectionary and toiletry applications.